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What is the difference between AMEX and NYSE?

The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) used to be a larger competitor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) until acquired by NYSE Euronext in 2008. Smaller companies tend to list on the AMEX when they cannot meet the NYSE’s strict listing and reporting requirements.  Today, the NYSE, NYSE MKT, and NYSE Amex Options are owned by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

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What is the difference between OTC and Pink Sheets?

OTC and Pink Sheets are securities that do not trade on the Nasdaq or NYSE. They are usually higher risk, low liquidity companies that have failed to meet listing requirements. Both are considered unlisted securities and are traded through an interdealer network. OTC is required to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA however, Pink Sheets do not require registration and do not always have to file regular reports.

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What is a Range Order?

Range refers to the difference between a stock's low and high price for a particular trading period.  A Range order (generally known as a Stop-Limit order) is an order to buy or sell at a specified limit price or better when the given stop price is reached by the market price.

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What is a Bond?

A bond is a fixed income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate, governmental or municipal). ... Bonds are used by companies, municipalities, states, and sovereign governments to finance projects and operations. Owners of bonds are debtholders, or creditors, of the issuer.

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