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Cancer Patients

  • Mrs. H.

The funds we raise are donated to Partners for Breast Cancer Care and Regional Cancer Center/Lee Memorial Health System to be used only for residents of the Greater Pine Island.

From our Hearts was able to provide funds to Partners for Breast Cancer Care for a young woman names Ms. H.   Partners for Breast Cancer shared her story:

“Since August 2016, when Ms. H called us for the first time looking for help she was a young woman very afraid and concerned about a ‘problem’ in her breast, Ms. H. is a single mother, with a 3 year old boy.  She works a part time job as an office clerk, receiving $194 from Children & Families to help with food.

Ms. H had found a lump in her left breast a few days before the call and both her mother and sister (32 years old) were already diagnosed with breast cancer.

During all those months, Partners’, with the support of From Our Hearts, helped her throughout the process of testing and financial hardship.  From our Hearts made it possible to fund two ultrasounds, one MRI, a cyst aspiration, pathology and surgeon (Dr. Lea Blackwell).

During the month previous to being diagnosed, Ms. H was fighting with the landlord to avoid eviction from the apartment she was sharing with her son.  The Beacon of HOPE referred her to United Way and other community agencies for help and today she is approved for Medicaid.

Ms. H is currently in treatment with chemotherapy and we expect for her the best.  She is brave and smart, and after all these experiences, more strong and capable than ever.  Even when everything was looking really dark in her life, she keeps saying, “I have to make it for my son.”





  •  Thank You Letter

Regional Cancer Center/Lee Memorial Health System shared a Thank You Letter they received from a Breast Cancer Patient who received treatment from the funds provided by From Our Hearts.